Frequently Asked Questions

Below we provide responses to some frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions you can attend one of the online events, further details are provided here. You can also contact the team by calling the consultation hotline, Freephone 0808 168 8296. If you leave a message a member of the team will call you back. You can also contact us by email at

Q. Why have you submitted an enabling works application?

We are aiming to complete the first phase of development in 2023 to meet the growing demands for space within the University of Birmingham’s Precision Health Technologies Accelerator. To achieve this we need to start work on site as soon as possible. With this in mind we have submitted a separate enabling works planning application which would allow us to commence on site ahead of works to the phase 1 building.

Q. Why are you proposing to deliver BHIC in phases?

The vision for BHIC is a ten-year vision. Over time requirements change so it is important that we are able to respond to these demands as we build out the campus. With this in mind we are proposing to deliver BHIC in four phases.

Q. What is being proposed as part of phase one?

The first phase will include the construction of the first building, road connections, canal towpath link, car parking and landscaping including the green and wetland. Further details of the proposed landscaping is included on the Environment page. Further details of the proposed design are included on the Proposals page.

Q. What will be included in the next phases and when will future planning applications be submitted?

We have provided an indicative phasing plan below to show you how the phasing on the development is likely to be brought forward.

Phasing Plan

Q. What type of people will be using BHIC?

BHIC will be used by a number of different people from healthcare professionals and scientists working on site or attending events and conferences, to local entrepreneurs and business owners. It will be a vibrant community connected to the wider health innovation ecosystem in Selly Oak and the wider West Midlands.

Q. What hours will BHIC be open?

The opening hours of specific buildings are to be agreed, however the Campus will be accessible 24/7.

Q. Will there still be demand for this type of development now the culture has changed to working from home?

There is a growing demand for this type of development in the area and the sector is growing. Existing University of Birmingham facilities are at capacity and there is an ongoing rise in entrepreneurial interest. Lab space cannot be replicated in a home working environment.

Q. Will you look to add retail / leisure units in the future?

No. The planning application will seek permission for R&D (Research and Development) floor space. This would require a change of use application and there are no plans for this. 

Q. What will the impact be on the surrounding highways network?

The proposed development will attract a number of trips by a range of modes during peak times. Based on forecasts derived from local travel surveys, it is anticipated that more than half of employees would travel to the site by sustainable modes, including walking, cycling, and public transport (bus and rail). This high proportion of trips by non-car modes reflects the excellent accessibility of the site.

Residual trips are likely to be by private car which will access the site via the Queen Elizabeth Island (A38 Aston Webb Boulevard / New Fosse Way roundabout). While the existing highway network sometimes experiences congestion during the peak periods, the ongoing highway, walking, cycling and public transport improvements (including the Selly Oak New Road Phase 1b) are expected to improve the situation. The impact of the development will be assessed and presented in a Transport Assessment that will accompany the planning application.

Q. What is the total number of parking spaces proposed?

As part of the first phase of development we are proposing to provide a temporary surface car park which will provide approximately 256 car parking spaces. This will include dedicated parking for Blue Badge holders and Electric Vehicle charging.

As part of the future phases of development, a multi-storey car park will be provided that we currently anticipate could provide up to 1,292 spaces.

Q. Why is the number of proposed parking spaces higher than the original consented scheme?

The proposed floor areas are larger than the consented scheme, therefore the associated parking provision has increased to meet this need. The proposed parking provision is compliant with Birmingham City Council’s emerging Parking Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which sets maximum and minimum parking standards for new developments across the city. The emerging standards set lower maximum parking standards for office developments, compared to the adopted standards that applied to the 2013 scheme, and aim to encourage alternative travel modes and efficient use of land.

The scheme will also provide sufficient electric vehicle charging points, bicycle spaces, disabled user parking and motorcycle spaces to meet the needs of users.

Q. How will you encourage access to the site by public transport, walking and cycling?

The proposed development will be supported by a Travel Plan. Travel Plans are long-term management strategies for integrating proposals for sustainable travel into the planning process. They are based on evidence of the anticipated transport impacts of the development and set measures to promote and encourage sustainable travel and will include cycle hubs and showers in the MSCP amongst other measures.

Q. How are you consulting on the plans?

We recently undertook a period of public consultation on the plans. You can view one of the webinars that we held on the consultation page. For more information you can speak with the team by calling 0808 168 8296 or via email at

Q. How will you consult on future phases?

The University of Birmingham and Bruntwood SciTech are committed to ongoing consultation. Future engagement will be driven by both the type of development and the occupier. We are proposing to keep the email address open for the foreseeable future.  We will also update the relevant pages on the University of Birmingham and Bruntwood SciTech websites.

Q. Is the site ready for construction?

Yes, the site is ready for construction. The enabling works application would allow us to commence on site ahead of works to the Phase 1 building.

Q. How will construction and construction traffic be managed?

A Construction Management Plan will be submitted as part of the planning application.